How to reuse this archive

You are very welcome to reuse these routine sheets for any purpose, with the following rules:

  • ✔︎ Online, you must provide a credit to Transdiffusion as near as possible to the reused item, and a clickable link to
  • ✔︎ Offline, you must provide a credit to as near as possible to the reused item
  • ✔︎ Don’t leach our bandwidth. Take your own copy, don’t pull one direct from our servers each time

That’s it. Not hard at all! Go forth and share!


What will happen if you reuse the documents without doing the above? Well, first of all, we’ll shame you publicly. You’ll be named on Facebook and Twitter and elsewhere as the thief you are, someone who couldn’t even provide a single credit when asked. This will not be pretty. And, yes, we’ve heard all the arguments about how we don’t have the full rights to these documents and yada yada yada (and that’s what you think: beware that you’re wrong here). That’s no excuse for ripping off someone else’s work now, is it? Especially as all you had to do was put a little credit in the corner. So come on, play nicely, please.